About The Pilgrimage

Over the next 18 months I intend to visit every Whisky Distillery in the UK and Ireland currently distilling and bottling its own malt, and to taste their flagship expression. There is such a wonderful array of Malt Whisky available to the modern drinker that the selection can be bewildering, but I firmly believe that Whisky can be for anyone and that there is a Whisky for everyone!

With that in mind you will notice that there are no scores attached to the tasting notes. My palate is not your palate, and my tastes may not be your tastes. There are plenty of excellent critics available if you are after only the objective best, but the  purpose of this blog is not to rate the whiskies but to unlock their secrets so that you, dear reader, have the best chance of finding the malt you personally will enjoy the most.

If you are a long-since converted enthusiast then fantastic - do read on! There's always something new to discover. And please do contact me so we can compare notes! If you are making your first steps into Whisky then even better. This blog is very much for you. A huge and incredibly wonderful journey awaits, and if  I, with my tent, my Vauxhall Corsa and my strictly limited budget can dare to tread it then I guarantee that you can too!


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